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Introducing the world famous
Filbert Pump

The World’s Best Balloon Pump!

Inflates a 260 in one stroke! Weighs only 2½ pounds!

The above photos are examples of various color combinations, and the new Pump Tubes. You can create your own color combinations by selecting the color for the Base, Large tube, Handle, Small tube, Top Disk, and Top Cap. Each can be a different color so you can mix and match colors to suit your fancy!

Just $100 Plus Shipping!

Use our Color Picker to create your own color combinations and you will see what your Filbert Pump will look like before you buy it. Select a color for the Base, Large tube, Handle, Small tube, Top Disk, and Top Cap, and the picture will change to show that color. Each part can be a different color so you can mix and match colors to suit your fancy!



Please Note: Estimated shipping charges will be added to your purchase price based upon your Shipping Region. Shipping charges include credit card processing fees, currency conversion fees, and cross border fees. You will receive a refund if actual shipping costs are less than what you pay at time of checkout. International customers please note: Price does not include Customs Duty or VAT. These fees, if any, are paid by the customer at time of delivery.

Please Note: When you complete your order you will receive an order confirmation from PayPal. This is the only order confirmation you will receive. PayPal sends us a duplicate confirmation containing your color choices. We build your pump from the information sent to us by PayPal.

We now have TEN colors available: Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, Teal, Bright Orange, Hot Pink, Purple, Green, and White. All the parts are injection molded, and do they look
sharp! You will be the envy of all your friends with your new Filbert Pump. The Filbert Pump is, indeed, The World's Best Balloon Pump!

The Seven Colors of the Filbert Pump

Filbert in person!

 Samples of Filbert Pump colors. All Filbert Pump colors are in stock.

Please Note: Right now our turn around time is about TWO (2) WEEKS for normal orders.

Thank you for your interest in the Filbert Pump

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