Send Us Additional Funds

There are times when it is necessary for someone to send us money, for additional postage in the case of international customers, or for overnight delivery, or whatever reason. To make this easy we have created a button that will allow you to send money in $1 USD increments.

Simply select the Add To Cart button below, enter the number of US Dollars you want to send us in the quantity box, click the Update button, and then click the Check Out button to complete the transaction.

The amount you entered in US Dollars will be sent to us via PayPal. You can use either your PayPal account or a credit card to send this money. This will be a secure PayPal transaction. If you use a credit card
we never see your credit card information and you do not need to be a PayPal member to use this system.

Thank you for your interest in the Filbert Pump.

Send Us Additional Funds










Last page update 10-5-2012