Current Status of The Filbert Pump

Updates on Stock, Price increases, How far behind we are, and General Stuff

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General Information

Orders are under control once again and right now our turn around time is back to normal, which means about TWO (2) WEEKS for normal orders. Special orders are another story, but not a long one.

If you need a pump for an upcoming event PLEASE plan ahead and order early to give us time to work your order into our busy schedule. As much advance notice as possible would be great. After your initial call give us another call in about a week to give us a reminder, and an email reminding us that you need it by a certain date wouldn't hurt. We will do our best to meet your deadline.

All parts are now in stock in all colors, including two new colors, Purple and bright Green.


We are no longer offering free base replacements. This is because of the new design of the base attachment.

The cost of a base replacement is now $30 plus shipping & Handling. When you contact us about a base replacement please include the base color and large tube color, as well as the pump serial number and date of manufacture, which is engraved on the underside of the pump base.

Because of the dramatic increase in shipping we will advise you of the S&H on a case by case basis for all base replacements.

If you have any problems sending us an e-mail please contact us via telephone at 518-765-4585, or e-mail us at filbertpump @, be sure to remove the space before and after the at sign, we added the spaces to thwart automated data miners, and it seems to be working. Let us know if you have any more problems with our emails. This will help our webmaster solve the problem.