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The World’s Best Balloon Pump! A History

As a professional clown I depend on my equipment to make my jobs easy for me and fun for my audience. I wanted a pump that would become part of the entertainment, not just blow up balloons. So, being an engineer, I developed the Filbert Pump. The Filbert Pump is the product of eighteen years of development and constant improvement. When you use a Filbert Pump it's right up front, lookin' silly, and part of your act. The Filbert Pump is a professional product designed for the professional entertainer.

The Filbert Pump...colorful and silly looking. Rugged and light weight, it fully inflates a 260 balloon in just one stroke. And if you own a Filbert Pump you'll be keeping company with some of the best performers in the business. For example, The COAI's Clown of The Year for 2005, 2002, 2001, 2000, and 1999 all own and regularly use the Filbert Pump.

The All New Filbert Pump

At Filbert Productions we never stop making improvements on the Filbert Pump. Our latest pump is better than ever. It's still the same high quality you've come to expect from a Filbert Pump, it still fully inflates a 260 balloon in one stroke, and it still has the balloon-holder handle, but now it's 25% easier to push.

The Filbert Pump is a dream to carry, now weighing about 2½ pounds. It stands 33-1/2 inches tall, compressed, and extends to 52 inches when fully extended, Its base is about 10 inches across. The Filbert Pump fully inflates a 260 balloon in just one stroke. Because of its unique design the air in the balloon won't go back into the pump, so you can use either one long stroke or a few short strokes to inflate your balloon. And, the carry handle of the Filbert Pump is designed to hold 10 inflated 260's, a feature that comes in very handy if you make multi-balloon sculptures.

Each Filbert Pump is proudly Made in America from quality materials. It is a rugged pump that takes a fair amount of abuse and requires very little maintenance.

The All New Filbert Pump:

Priced at only $100 Plus S&H

Shipping rates have gone up again so we must raise the shipping and handling on our pumps. Because postage and cross border fees change daily we do not know what the exact shipping cost will be until we purchase the postage. So we have raised our generic shipping and handling rates as follows.

Please note, If the shipping you pay at the time of purchase is more than it actually cost to ship your pump WE WILL REFUND THE EXCESS SHIPPING.

Shipping and handling within the continental United States is $30.
Hawaii and Alaska customers should contact us before ordering as shipping to Hawaii and Alaska is more expensive by about $25 per pump.

Shipping and Handling to most of Europe and Australia is $92 USD.
Shipping and Handling to Canada is $65 USD.

We expect that in almost every case some of your shipping will be refunded.

Most of our shipments are via Priority Mail and FedEx. Delivery is usually 2 to 5 days.

We use Global Express for international shipping. Delivery is usually 4 to 7 days.

When ordering please select your choice of colors before clicking the "Add to Cart" button.

The Base, Pump Body (large tube), Handle, Small Tube (pushrod), Top Disk, and Top Cap can each be a different color. Color choices are Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, Bright Orange, Teal, and Hot Pink. The tubes are also available in White. We will notify you if a color is not available and ask if you want a second choice.

All of the colors are displayed on our home page along with pictures of pumps in different color combinations to give you an idea how the colors look together.

On line credit card purchases are processed by PayPal. PayPal is a secure way to buy on line, and to our knowledge none of our customers have had any problems resulting from their credit cards being processed by the PayPal system. You do not need to be a member of PayPal to use their service on our web site. If you do not want to buy on line, or do not want to use PayPal to process your credit card, there are other ways to purchase a Filbert Pump. Call us, 518-765-4585, or e-mail us, info at, to make arrangements for other forms of payment including Postal Money Orders, business checks, bank deposits, and believe it or not, cash.

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Some User comments about the Filbert Pump
Everyone laughs at me when I show up with it....I turned mine into a lamp...I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own ears...How can anything that looks like that work at all...Incredible...They wouldn't even take it at the land fill...It puts too much air in the balloon, I always have to let some out...Works great to fan a fire...I use mine as a hat rack, does that job real well...It makes all my balloons look like dogs...I worked in a puddle one day and it filled all my balloons with water, the kids loved it...It's too light...It was in my car one day and someone broke in and left another one...They don't burn very well... I love my Filbert Pump...
If you would like more information about the Filbert Pump, would like to order one, or would like to tell us a joke, e-mail us at info at You may also contact us at filbertpump at


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